MAMKA RECORDS opens with a release of two songs (CHICKEN, DIE TOTEN/THE DEAD) from the sound-comic WENDY PFERD TOD MEXICO (#neon-western #audio-diverse #sound-comic). Premiered and taking 1st place at the Berlin Audio-Play Festival / Berlinerhörspielfestival, the piece celebrated its first broadcast in Radio Art – Kunstradio (Ö1) in 2018. The work is a production of the electro-acoustic duo Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik, Matija Schellander) and the author Natascha Gangl.
MAMKA RECORDS publishes with MAM#02 – MI CORAZÓN the second extraction from the sound-comic WENDY PFERD TOD MEXICO (#neon-western #audio-diverse #sound-comic). After the first single release “CHICKEN”, a punk mescaline ride on Afro-beat, over-polished, low-fi audio files, under the blaze of the desert sun, it’s now onto the shady and the melancholic.