MAMKA RECORDS is a new Viennese label, born out of the longing for a space where each and every production is seen and celebrated as a distinct artwork, and one-of-a-kind in its own right. MAMKA releases statements. Small, but mighty, the label finds its home in all kinds of formats, apart from preexisting norms and technical standards.

MAMKA serves no market. Instead, it serves artists as a platform for their experimental position. At the interface between contemporary experimental music, fine art, literature, handmade electronics and love for detail, MAMKA symbolizes risk, confrontation, benevolent radicalism and the implicitness of the unique. MAMKA is a label for those who revolt, rebel, demand and ask questions.

MAMKA seeks to connect artists and foster work collectives. Here, editions of gems are created that, contrary to contemporary trends, are characterized by loving handcraft and dedication. MAMKA practices deceleration, while drawing attention to creative processes and the magic of absolute inimitability.

MAMKA doesn’t bake cakes (or only rarely). Rather, it whips up musical pralines, by hand, and with much love.

here a little mamka video manifesto / presentation as part of CoroNation Stream in 2020: