MI CORAZÓN (MAM02, 2019)

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Title: Mi Corazón
Format: Vinyl Single & download code, Linolprint
Limited Edition: 200

A-Side: Where do the flies go at night? (5:07)
Lyrics: Natascha Gangl
Music: Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander)

B-Side: Mi Corazón (4:55)
Lyrics: Natascha Gangl
Music: Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander)Cover Drawings: Maja Osojnik & Natascha Gangl
Graphics & Linocut: Maja Osojnik
Recorded & Mixed by Rdeča Raketa
Mastered by Martin Siewert

Catalogue number: MAM02
all rights reserved by Natascha Gangl & Rdeča Raketa
supported by SKE-Fonds & Kunstradio – Radiokunst (Ö1)


Wendy, horse, death, Mexico, loss, battle, violence, tenderness, discipline, dream.

Language beomes sound, and sound becomes language. Out of the fragmentary, the density is weaved. From the depths of the fragile, the whole is born. Time structures are questioned and assembled through loops. Field recordings from Mexico meet Osojnik’s singing. Spoken language turns into melodies, while noise turns into bittersweet rancheras.
After the first single release “CHICKEN”, a punk mescaline ride on Afro-beat, over-polished, low-fi audio files, under the blaze of the desert sun, it’s now onto the shady and the melancholic:

A-Side: Where do the flies go at night? (5’07”)
lyrics: Natascha Gangl
music: Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander)

‘Where do the flies go at night?’ is contemplated by the track, relentlessly. A slow beat by Rdeča Raketa pushes the question forward. At times, with a dub approach, a morbid trance unfolds and, with it, spoken word. That is, until Osojnik’s aerial vocals set in and coax us into a dreamlike state, like a newborn to a lullaby. Where do the flies go at night? The music gets caught up in a swirly loop, like a continual longing, and the desire is frozen in the horrible suspension of transience. Where do the flies go at night? The question remains unanswered. A homage to the cryptic and magical realism of Mexico.

B-Side: Mi Corazón (4’55’’)
lyrics: Natascha Gangl
music: Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander)
Señores y Señoras / Mi corazón / My heart is as black today as the night / It wears the same dress / It airs it out / When dancing / And wears nothing under it / Mi corazón / My heart /  It wears nothing underneath … is sung in this song, which exposes its magnitude of multilayers. Gangl’s poetic language-fragments wander into the meticulously dispersed drones of Rdeča Raketa, created by double bass and voice. The language dissolves into feedbacks and resonances, throws waves on which clusters and chorals float. We think of Alvin Lucier’s “Sitting in a Room” and swing with the tribal fragments of his own emotional utopia in Osojnik’s beguiling siren sighs. Alas, a song like a lighthouse.


Cojones! Now with the second single from their award-winning audio piece, the trio Gangl, Osojnik and Schellander makes a brilliant, genre-spanning reflection on contemporary pop. The depicted madness and poetic counterpoint of Gangl’s already robust textual basis, multiplies itself through tonal embedding via the musical powerhouse Rdeča Raketa, further into unimagined and desolate altitudes. In these domains the air is thin and while few have the necessary know-how and stamina to penetrate them (at great risk, at that), the Wendys have settled in very well on their own 8000-meter peak, and simply hop to the next summit as soon as they become bored with the one their at. How to best fish the Lord of the flies? With a small, fragile heart as bait, of course! With “Mi Corazón” and “Where do the flies go at night?”, the trio takes another step on the path to reviving and popularizing the format of the radio play, which has largely been forgotten by society. In this regard, Wendy is the first sound comedy to reach a cultural milestone which future ones will look back to and and take from. Fly fishing with heart. Patrick Wurzwallner (Freistil, Mica)