natascha gangl – text, voice
maja osojnik – vocals, live sampling, dj-cd player and other electronic devices
matija schellander – modular synthesizer, laptop


The electroacoustic duo, RDEČA RAKETA, aka composers Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander, together with the author Natascha Gangl, develop and perform acoustic works of art for which they invented the genre “sound comic” (ger. Klangcomic). As with comics, where words and images merge into one another, here it is the spoken word and sound which blend together. Anti-heroes and heroines are the protagonists here; their surreal to psychedelic journeys leading them through a dense fabric spun from compact sonic images. The artists eclectically combine literary and musical styles and make them their own in the finely woven compositions. The “sound comic” presents itself as a ready-to-broadcast radio play, as a sound carrier of unique design, and as an ever-evolving live performance.

Natascha Gangl writes prose, essays, texts for theater, creates radio plays and theatrical installations. She was born 1986 in Bad Radkersburg in southern Styria (Austria), where she grew up, lives and works since 2006 “between” Austria, Germany, Mexico and Spain. She completed studies in Philosophy at the University of Vienna and Scenic Writing at DRAMA FORUM. She assisted and edited texts for Christoph Schlingensief. In the season 2013/2014 she was a house author at the Staatstheater Mainz. Her texts have been awarded numerous scholarships and prizes, a.o. the literature grant of the city of Graz, the dramatics scholarship of the Litera Mechana, the literature scholarship of the province of Styria or a residence scholarship of the Literary Colloquium Berlin. Her work has been shown / heard on Ö1, MUPO México, Elevate Festival, steirischer herbst, Staatstheater Mainz, Theater am Lend Graz, Schauspielhaus Wien, Volkstheater Wien, Sophiensaele Berlin, Winkelwiese Theater, ROXY Biersfelden, Regionale XIII, Kaltstartfestival Hamburg, Lichthoftheater Hamburg, Ringlokschuppen Mülheim. Her debut novel “Wendy goes to Mexico” was published by Ritter Verlag in 2015. Other publications in Theater der Zeit, Lichtungen, Edition Keiper, Yara Edition, Triedere, G7- Die Stadtzeitung, Korso, Hernalser Laserreh a.o.

RDEČA RAKETA (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander) /
Rdeča Raketa are sound scientists and electro-acoustic researchers who don’t indulge in abstractions, and instead sound refreshingly alive. The result is acoustic poetry that sometimes breaks from musicality in order to create sound paintings that turn listening habits and contemporary cultural codes upside down—in cinemas and concert halls, theaters and installations.

Rdeča Raketa (Red Rocket) is the duo of Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander, both internationally active musicians and composers based in Vienna. Having both worked with abstract improvisation, contemporary classical compositions and with backgrounds in various other musical genres, Rdeča Raketas main topic is electroacoustic improvisation. In the last years they have released the tape Old Girl Old Boy on Mosz Records (2010) the critically acclaimed LP Wir werden on god records 2013. Following Old Girl, Old Boy, a 40-minute electroacoustic improvisation recorded live in one piece and released as a tape by Mosz Records in 2010, Wir werden consists of two carefully composed pieces each spanning one side of the vinyl album, organically blending various electronic sound sources and field recordings with acoustic instruments like paetzold recorder, double bass and piano. Opened and closed by spoken word lyrics, Wir werden deals with the past repeating, movements and their absence in front of systems appearing to be crumbling, relationships between people and their inner fears. The all-encompassing theme on Wir werden is the search for a collective movement and the personal happiness and beauty it can provide – Wir werden (we will become) other people – amongst the emptiness that is brought about by a society which is breaking apart in the here and now and that leads the individual, sobered, to turn towards him or herself. Rdeča Raketa has focused in last years on creating new music for silent movies (commissioned by the Filmarchiv Austria and Slovenska Kinoteka Ljubljana) and have developed the historical road movie “Traversing the Balkan” in cooperation with Karl Wratschko (Filmarchiv Austria). In 2015/16 they have composed the music for Vita Osojniks choreography “Random acts of kindness” (premiered at the Jack Crystal Theatre, New York City 2015), the soundtrack for the Austrian feature film One of us (by Stephan Richter, premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival; Max Ophüls Award for the best feature film 2016, Best Film Music at the 27. Film Festival “Kinofest Lünen” Germany (2016)) and music and sound installations for the theatre performance Kaboom! (make make productions). Projects for 2017/18 include a series of art radio shows for Austrian broadcasting Ö1, as well as a live performance and radio drama version of Natascha Gangls novel “Wendy goes to Mexico” called “Wendy Pferd Tod Mexico – a sound comic”. The Production received First Prize “das lange brennende mikro” at 9. Berliner Hörspielfestival in Germany, 2018. Rdeča Raketa have performed live at various festivals and clubs in Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, South Korea and Canada and developed Live Perfromances with Jean-Luc Guionnet (Organ) and Michaela Grill (Video).