MAMKA lives in Vienna, Austria
She has a dream to have an atelier, a store, maybe a little gallery some day, open for visitors to enjoy music, art with some good old coffee or tea, but till then she works from home, where she values her privacy. You can reach her via mail at any time. she will gladly respond.


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    MAMKA RECORDS is a new Viennese label, born out of the longing for a space where each and every production is seen and celebrated as a distinct artwork, and one-of-a-kind in its own right. MAMKA releases statements. Small, but mighty, the label finds its home in all kinds of formats, apart from preexisting norms and technical standards.
    MAMKA serves no market. Instead, it serves artists as a platform for their experimental position. At the interface between contemporary experimental music, fine art, literature, handmade electronics and love for detail, MAMKA symbolizes risk, confrontation, benevolent radicalism and the implicitness of the unique. MAMKA is a label for those who revolt, rebel, demand and ask questions.
    MAMKA seeks to connect artists and foster work collectives. Here, editions of gems are created that, contrary to contemporary trends, are characterized by loving handcraft and dedication. MAMKA practices deceleration, while drawing attention to creative processes and the magic of absolute inimitability.
    MAMKA doesn’t bake cakes (or only rarely). Rather, it whips up musical pralines, by hand, and with much love.

    Here a little mamka video manifesto / presentation as part of CoroNation Stream in 2020:

    Maja Osojnik

    is a freelance composer, sound artist, singer, free improvising musician, producer, who, in her multifaceted work, uses a wide variety of tonal media such as voice, Paetzold bass, field recordings, CD players, radios, effect pedals, cassette players and other electronic lo-fi musical instruments of any kind Origin. Moving in the limbo between analogue and digital art, virtual and real spaces, she attempts to expand, deconstruct and re-connote the tonal spectra of said instruments or to assign them other, new roles – a process reminiscent of anagramming. In her compositions Maja Osojnik combines her love for simple songs, experimental, electro-acoustic, abstract music, old and new music as well as elements and forms of noise and rock. The real, the surreal, the fragility, in which both the destructive, abysmal, dark phantasm, but also the beauty, the elegance, the strength and determination are depicted, manifest another motor that defines Maja’s musical work. She composes music for dance, theatre, film and various ensembles and orchestras and writes poems that she sets to music with her bands. In 2018 Maja started a new label MAMKA RECORDS, which is dedicated to the release of high-quality and self-produced sound carriers in small series. Since then, Maja has also focused more on two of her long and great passions, printing and producing graphic sound scores, also for Art Exhibitions.
    Her solo performances, works and formations, including Rdeča Raketa, Sound.Comic.Gang, ZSAMM, Broken.Heart.Collector, Maja Osojnik Band, Subshrubs, Low Frequency Orchestra etc. have been presented at various international festivals.

    Read more about Maja Osojnik …


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